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Fun at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Fest

We hit the road for San Francisco and our very first fest. Got there, picked up Mom from the airport and saw us some sights before the world premiere of LONG STORY SHORT.

The next day my director Christine Choy flew in from Shanghai and my executive producer Patricia Richardson flew up from Los Angeles. Exhausted, we all converged in the festival's lounge where we got righteous swag bags and our all access festival credentials which we wore proudly from then on in.

The sold out premiere was truly amazing. In process, friends and family had seen the film, but we never had a crowd of hundreds watching the film, laughing, crying, applauding. Especially gratifying for the writer/narrator. After the ovation, there was a question and answer session with Mom, me, Christine and Pat, and Elaine Mae Woo, the director of the film that screened with LONG STORY SHORT, "Anna May Wong: Frosted Yellow Willows", moderated by the terrific festival coordinator, Chi-hui Yang.

We said many pithy things. Christine in particular had everyone laughing in the aisles.

Between the premiere and the second screening two days later, my mother's family came from Portland Oregon to surprise her. I had arranged for them to meet us in a Japanese restaurant, and when my cousin came up to Mom to say hello, Mom said, "hello" nonchalantly, thinking it was the waitress. Then she did a doubletake and said, "What are YOU doing here?" Needless to say it was a surprise, although she did tell me that night, indignantly, that she hated surprises.

The next day, Mom did get to visit one of her and Dad's old haunts, though she swears she never darkened its door.

The second screening was as successful as the first, and at the end, Mom was swarmed by young girls who asked her for her autograph, and she kept telling them to get MY autograph, but they told her they already had it from FLOWER DRUM SONG. She was a bit embarrassed by all the attention but couldn't escape her fans.

Later that night over cocktails, Mom said, "Well I guess I got my fifteen minutes of fame...actually my thirty minutes!"

Oh no. We've created a monster.

Now, onward to the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, May 1 - May 8

And we just got accepted into the New York Asian Film Festival in July.

Thank you San Francisco, and good night!


Wish I'd been there!

BIG FUN in San Fran! Wish I'd been there at the fest, but I'll be there for the dog & pony show in LA fer shur!

May 2008

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